US Audience turns on Prince Harry in latest book interview

Prince Harry: Stephen Colbert teases Late Show appearance

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The American people appear to have fallen out of love with Prince Harry after the release of his new tell-all bombshell memoir ‘Spare’. As part of his media blitz, the Duke of Sussex is set to appear on The Late Show on the other side of the pond on Tuesday night. But news of his appearance has been received with little excitement from the public. The show host Stephen Colbert was teasing the audience with the announcement of Harry’s appearance on his set when the news failed to have the intended effect.

Speaking to the audience, the presenter said: “Quick programming note. I have a programme, check it out. You might like it.

“And you might like it especially tomorrow when my guest will be Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, right there.”

Members of the public were initially silent after the presenter announced Prince Harry would be joining them, followed by a tentative “oooooh”.

Mr Colbert continued: “Indeed, Prince Harry will be here to talk about his new memoir Spare, also available in audiobook and commemorative plate”.

His latest comments had the public in stitches, with the TV host nodding his head: “Yeah.”

But he then took a serious tone, saying: “I’ve read the book. It’s very enjoyable, quite emotional, quite revealing.”

In what seemed to be another dig at the Duke, Mr Colbert added: “I’ll have so much to talk about with his Harry-ness.”

The Late Show host went on to play a clip of Harry’s interview with Anderson Cooper, in which the Duke described how his brother Prince William told him to stay away from him at school.

Under renewed laughter from the audience, Mr Colbert made a Harry Potter jibe. He said: “That’s heartbreaking. I mean, to be rejected by his older brother at school even though that magic hat put them into the same house.”

The Late Show host is not the only entertainment presenter to have taken ridiculed the Duke, as his ghost-written memoir makes its debut in Britain.

Television host Don Lemon declared on “CNN This Morning”: “Look, everyone has a family. I have arguments in my family. Am I going to put that out there for the whole world to see? I don’t understand why on earth he would want to put that out there. I know he’s selling a book, but to me it’s just …Gauche.”

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Last week, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show produced a parody of the alleged kitchen quarrel between Harry and William under the name “Two Princes.” The sketch had two performers who were each costumed as the musician Prince. The voice-over narration was performed by an actor who read the piece with a thick English accent.

Describing Harry’s account of the first time he had sex, writer and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth told ITV’s This Morning: “An older woman took his virginity and then, when the act of darkness had been completed, he lay on his front and she smacked his bottom.”

While the tide seems to be turning in America for Harry, his book is currently No. 1 on the UK Amazon bestseller charts and one of the most popular pre-order titles for high-street stores.

John Cotterill, Waterstones non-fiction category manager, said it was “one of the biggest pre-order titles of the last decade for Waterstones”.

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