US pilot says 'Tic Tac UFO' descended from space and hovered over sea for weeks

A series of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) appeared to descend from space and ‘hang out’ above the Persian Gulf over a period of two weeks according to a former US Navy pilot – with one apparently jamming the radar of a nearby military aircraft.

Addressing a US congressional committee on UAPs, retired commander David Fravor recounted an incident he witnessed in November 2004. 

Launching from USS Nimitz, Cdr Fravor flew to investigate a contact west of the ship.

‘As we proceeded to the west and as the air controller counted down the range, we had nothing on our radars and were unaware of what we were going to see when we arrived,’ said Cdr Fravor.

‘The air controller on the ship also had no idea but had been observing these objects on their Aegis combat system for the previous two weeks. 

‘They had been descending from above 80,000ft and coming rapidly down to 20,000ft would hang out for hours and then go straight back up.’

Arriving at the location, the pilot and his weapons system officer noted a patch of white water, despite the stillness of the sea all around.

‘The weather on the day of the incident was as close to a perfect day as you could ask, clear skies, light winds, calm seas – no whitecaps from the waves – so the white water stood out in the large blue ocean,’ said Cdr Fravor. 

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‘As all four looked down we saw a small white Tic Tac-shaped object with the longitudinal axis pointing north/south and moving very abruptly over the white water.

‘There were no rotors, no rotor wash, or any visible flight control surfaces like wings.’

The team briefly followed the ‘Tic Tac’, getting to within half a mile of the object, before it disappeared. Within a minute, a spy radar picked up the object again 60 miles away.

‘What is shocking is that the incident was never investigated,’ said Cdr Fravor. ‘None of my crew were ever questioned, tapes were never taken, and after a couple of days, it turned into a great story to tell friends.

‘There was a regular debrief, no one else talked to us – the Captain was aware, the Admiral was aware.’

During questioning, Representative Tim Burchett, who has been supportive of claims, noted the object was called ‘Tic Tac, like the candy, not TikTok, the Chinese communist app’.

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