Video moments after horrifying shooting shows scenes of utter chaos

Chaotic video shows scenes of utter chaos inside church after shooting

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A chaotic video has shown the moment following a suspected drive-by shooting in Euston on Saturday. Footage from inside St Aloysius Church on Phoenix Road, a side street leading to Euston station, captured screams and panicked running after occupants of a car fired shots into a crowd of mourners.

Attackers injured six people, including two young girls, before driving away in the shock funeral attack.

In the video, viewers see scattered images of people running into the building and taking cover, with crowds heading for the church’s entrance.

Screams ring out over the audio, with brief images of people pressed into the doorways as they attempt to rush through.

While few words can be made out, one man shouts “where’s my mum” multiple times.

Others cry “move” or “wait”, and one woman tells people “we need to go out” as they move into the church interior.

Moments earlier, people in the video had exited the church to release doves as they mourned the loss of Fresia Calderon, 50, and Sara Sanchez, 20.

The mother and daughter had died just weeks apart, with Ms Calderon having passed on her return to the UK from her native Colombia.

She died from a blood clot after touching down at Heathrow Airport.

Her “heartbroken” daughter Sara, who suffered from Leukaemia, died a month later.

Mourners had gathered outside to commemorate the two women when occupants of a vehicle shot into the crowd in an apparent drive-by shooting.

They injured six people, including two girls aged seven and 12 and four women aged 54, 48, 41, and 21.

While the older girl has since left hospital with minor injuries, the seven-year-old is fighting for her life, and another woman was left with potentially life-changing injuries.

Metropolitan Police has launched an “urgent” investigation into the incident but officers have not yet made arrests.

Met Police Superintendent Ed Wells branded the incident “shocking”, adding local officers and specialist detectives have taken charge of the investigation.

He said: “I can assure the communities of Camden and beyond that we will do everything we possibly can to identify and bring to justice those who were responsible.”

People who may have witnessed the incident or posses relevant information should call police on 101 quoting the reference 3357/14JAN.

They can also provide anonymous tips to the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

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