Violent Berkley should have been locked up over bail breaches when he abducted teen

Convicted rapist Eoin Berkley should have been in custody over five bail breaches when he abducted and repeatedly raped a Spanish student.

Berkley, who couldn’t be identified for legal reasons at the time, was seen flouting terms of his bail set in connection with a public order offence in the weeks running up to his brutal crime.

The attack on the 18-year-old Spanish student at the Irish Glass Bottle site in Ringsend provoked outrage at the time.

Berkley held the victim against her will and raped her on three occasions between July 15 and July 16 of last year.

He was arrested shortly after the victim escaped, but on Tuesday, July 18, he was released without charge.

There was huge public anger when it emerged the suspect was out on bail at the time of the attack, and had now been released once again.

He was subsequently re-arrested and appeared before Dublin District Court on Friday, July 21.

During this hearing, the court was told Berkley had been repeatedly seen by gardaí breaking the terms of his bail.

His bail terms stated he was to stay away from a certain part of Dublin city centre. He was to sign on daily at a garda station and also be of good behaviour.

At the court hearing, it emerged Berkley was seen by gardaí in the part of the city centre he was banned from on at least five occasions after agreeing to the bail conditions.

Several gardaí testified that they had observed the man breaching his bail conditions.

It appeared no action was taken.

His bail was revoked at this court sitting, and Berkley has been in custody since.

He was later charged with the attack on the Spanish student

Berkley first came to public attention after he was accused of carrying out a homophobic graffiti attack on The George pub in early 2017. He was subsquently cleared of this offence in February this year.

Prior to the Ringsend attack, Berkley was photographed attending court in connection with this alleged offence.

One day, he posed in a Nazi salute upon leaving court, aiming it at our photographer.

When the Irish Independent published another picture of him leaving the court, an infuriated Berkley came to the offices of this newspaper and confronted a news editor, demanding to know why the picture had been published.

He was before Dublin Circuit Criminal Court once again last July.

This time he received a two-and-a-half-year sentence for carrying an imitation Kalashnikov rifle around Dublin.

During sentencing yesterday, Berkley appeared to have lost his former bravado.

However, while he might appear more subdued, there is no trace of remorse.

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