Waitrose ridiculed for selling empty jam jar for more than a full one

Shoppers have been left bemused after they discovered an empty jam jar costs more than a full one in Waitrose.

A jar of the store’s on brand raspberry jam will set you back £1.20 – but an empty jar of the exact same size in the same shop costs £2.50.

Even a jar of upmarket Bonne Mamam strawberry preserve only costs £2.65 – and for the extra 15p you’ll get the jelly and the jar.

The items were on sale at the Waitrose store in Worcester this week.

On Twitter, people tweeted about the differences after someone posted a photo of an empty jar of jam available for 29p more than a full jar of Bonne Maman, from 2017.

And it seems not much has changed.

One said: ‘Clean air is incredibly expensive these days.’

Another user said: ‘I re-use an empty Bonne Maman jar every day for overnight oats.

‘Beats me why people buy new jars.’

One user said buying the cheaper jars was about ‘taking back control’

But offering a different perspective, one tweeter said: ‘Cost of glass is huge – just increased 25%.

‘Also, whilst the consumers save money, the brand still has to pay the £0.60 to Waitrose as part of the margin maintained promo.’

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Another user added: ’27p in Aldi lad.’

While social media treated the jam situation with a tongue in cheek response, the prices of our groceries is no joke.

Grocery price inflation has climbed to a record 17.1 per cent – adding a potential £811 to households’ annual shopping bills.

One in four people now reports struggling with money, as the price of filling a supermarket trolley soars.

Research by analyst Kantar found grocery inflation is the second most important issue for consumers, behind only energy costs.

And more people are worried about food and drink prices than public sector strikes or even climate change.

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