Warning after 'dangerous' sweets found infused with drugs

A warning has been issued after a number of sweets were found laced with drugs like THC and spice.

It comes after police arrested a man, 19, on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs, and driving offences after stopping his car on Sunday.

They took a number of items from his car, including a large amount of drug-infused confectionary.

Officers say these are ‘dangerous’ because they are unregulated and it is not clear how much of the drug is inside each sweet.

Police say they are now working with schools to educate pupils on the issue.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesperson said: ‘Amongst the items seized, we found a number of drug-infused sweets, as pictured.

‘They often look very similar to well-known, branded sweets but can be laced with drugs such as THC (cannabis) or synthetic cannabinoids, sometimes known as spice.

‘They’re also available to buy on the internet so can easily be obtained. Unregulated sweets like these are dangerous as we do not know what levels of drugs they contain.

‘Our safer schools officers and drug experts are working closely with schools across the county to educate young people on the side effects of such substances.’

The man was stopped in Harper Crescent, Roman Fields near Gunthorpe.

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