WATCH: Irish politician releases self-penned election song 'I'd Vote 4U'

A West Dublin councillor has promised to vote for his constituents if they return the favour in a new song he wrote for the upcoming local elections.

Clondalkin Cllr Trevor Gilligan hopes to persuade voters to give him their number one following the release of his latest single ‘I’d Vote 4u (Won’t You Vote 4 me’).

The singer and politician, who has been a member of South Dublin County Council since 2004, admits that he was “too shy” to write an election song in the past.

Speaking to, Gilligan said since his voice is “only average”, he decided to get Waterford vocalist Conor Cleare to sing it instead.

“It has a 60s rock n roll vibe to it, which is not something I would normally write,” he said.

“I don’t think it will win any awards, but I hope it will help people understand the work I have done in my community, especially with the line “I’ve been knocking on doors since 2004”.

“My love for music had come from my dad Martin, who died from cancer eight years ago.

“He was a great banjo player and when I started out in politics, he was always there to support me without fail.”

Cllr Gilligan added that he was over the moon that Conor Cleare from the Unusual Suspects had agreed to sing his song.

“I was extremely impressed when I heard Conor sing in Waterford so the next day I emailed him about my song.

“When he agreed to offer me his support, I was so thrilled and excited to have him on board.

“I’ve very proud of it and I just hope people will enjoy it,” he said.

Cllr Gilligan isn’t the only musically obsessed politican in Dublin West.

In 2012, Lucan Cllr Paul Gogarty became a viral hit with the video for his debut single ‘Wishing on a photograph’.

The following year, the former Green Party TD, had hoped for similar success with his follow-up track ‘Radio (When I Listen To)’.

When asked if he would ever team up with Gogarty for a new politically themed music group, Cllr Gilligan replied “I highly doubt it”.

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