‘We must stop US gun videos in UK after Plymouth mass shooting’

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The chair of the UK’s most prominent gun control group has said police ‘failed’ in the case of Jake Davison and called for tighter restrictions on social media firearms videos.

Gill Marshall-Andrews, chair of the Gun Control Network, warned Britain must tighten its gun regulations and urged UK internet firms to block US-based channels glorifying weapons ownership.

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed the 22-year-old gunman had a firearms licence after he used a ‘pump action shotgun’ to kill five people on Thursday.

Davison posted long rants on his Youtube page demonstrating his hatred for women and support for the incel – ‘involuntarily celibate’ – movement, which has been linked to atrocities in America.

He also documented his own declining mental health and mentions both depression and autism. can also reveal Davison, who claimed to have been born in America, subscribed to several US-based firearms channels, including ones providing training on how to use guns.

Responding to the new information, Mrs Marshall-Andrews said: ‘Anybody who has an interest in guns should not be a licensed firearms owner, they should not have a licence for guns.

‘That’s our position. The police and firearms licensing people have failed in this instance.’

She added: ‘If the police know or can find out whether one of their licensed firearms holders is indulging in these Youtube items, then they should confiscate the weapons – it’s a clear indication of an unhealthy attitude to guns.’

Until Friday afternoon, Davison’s macabre interests and deranged rants were publicly available to see on his Youtube channel. The page has since been taken down.

Among the channels consumed by Britain’s worst gun killer in more than a decade was one which promises viewers the chance to learn a ‘fighting mindset that will help you win that fight’.

Another churns out a lengthy video every couple of days demonstrating a wide range of deadly firearms. A November video is titled ‘My favourite shotguns!’

Davison also subscribed to a channel called which posts daily videos glorifying weapons, including a 2017 video called ‘What gun would Jesus carry?’

Mrs Marshall-Andrews said: ‘We’ve always been worried about this country going down the American road – we have a history of following America.’

She added that the ‘pressure from America, social media and the shooting lobby is always there’.

Mrs Marshall-Andrews said police ‘need to get a much tighter grip’ on gun licences and pointed to previous UK gun massacres in which legally owned weapons were used to kill dozens.

Seventeen people were killed in Dunblane in 1996 with a legal gun, nine years after 16 people were murdered in a similar incident in Hungerford. 12 people were killed by a legally owned shotgun in Cumbria in 2010.

She added: ‘The shooting lobby, the people who have legal guns, want to minimise this and say “legal gun owners are all law abiding and reliable” – that’s not the case.’

Police have confirmed Plymouth gunman Jake Davison was a licensed firearms holder, but it is not yet known whether that gun was used in the Keyham shootings.

According to the Home Office, as of March 31 in England and Wales 565,929 people held a firearm and/or a shotgun certificate, a 3% decrease of 20,422 since last year.

The level of gun crime in the UK is one of the lowest in the world, the National Crime Agency has claimed.

Mrs Marshall-Andrews also raised concerns about the UK’s growing ‘airsoft’ gun market, non-lethal weapons which are designed to look like real guns and used in combat role play.

She called on the Home Office to clamp down on the industry over fears it could act as a gateway for people into the world of gun ownership.

Police say they are not treating the Plymouth shooting as terror-related at this stage, despite social media evidence suggesting Davison had an interest in the fringe incel cause.

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