‘We need more trees!’ Man slammed for hacking back half……………

Monty Don shares how to cut topiary and hedges on Gardeners’ World

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The video footage appeared on TikTok and quickly amassed views and comments. The man could be seen trimming back his neighbour’s hedge as it was blocking his driveway. Britons have been debating as to whether it was the correct thing to do, without permission. The TikTok user named @Smartgarden82 posted the clip earlier last month, with a caption which read: “What would you do if a neighbour’s tree was blocking your driveway?”

The man can be seen filming himself from a distance as he walks over with the electrical gardening cutter to his neighbour’s fence.

He then begins trimming the branches of his neighbour’s tree which are overhanging onto his driveway.

Less than ten seconds in and a pile of his neighbour’s tree branches can be seen amassed on his driveway.

The man then walks towards the camera, does a thumbs up and then walks out of the shot.

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Users on TikTok have been commented on the video with one saying, “we need more trees!”.

@Barb wrote: “Cut it, collect the braches and discard them like an adult.”

@Robin22 commented: “I would have done the same.”

@CurtisHarrison added: “launch all the cuttings over the fence.”

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@LucMeister said: “I simply spoke to my neighbour, we agreed on a style to trim his bushes and usually he keeps it pretty tidy, I help him if needed. No Problems.”

@ByronLord wrote: “Fair enough, but I would talk to them first.”

@Amara commented: “I would ask once or twice what we could do about it. If I get no answer I’ll just cut it.”

@Andy Jacobs added: “Yes, what’s wrong with that?”

The British Government have written guidance about cutting and trimming hedges which belong to other residences.

“You can trim branches or roots that cross into your property from a neighbour’s property or a public road.

“You can only trim up to the property boundary. If you do more than this, your neighbour could take you to court for damaging their property.

“If you live in a conservation area, or the trees in the hedge are protected by a ‘tree preservation order’, you might need your council’s permission to trim them.”

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