‘We paid all our lives!’ Britons rage as Burnham demands death tax – says OAPs did NOTHING

Andy Burnham demands 10% death tax

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Amid the Prime Minister’s plans to raise National Insurance contributions by 1.2 percent, the Mayor of Greater Manchester claimed his tax on estates was a much more fair concept. During an interview, he claimed the older generation of today have never been required to pay for social care through their taxes after the host labelled the plan as a “death tax” on the elderly. Commenting on the initial story, Britons lashed out in fury over Mr Burnham’s plan.

One person said: “The OAPs have paid their taxes etc all their working life.

“And now a lot of them have to work longer before they reach retirement age.”

A second said: “Yes they did Mr Burnham, they paid their taxes all their working lives, if governments of all sides didn’t include the provision of social care in the spending of that money, that’s the government’s problem, not those now reasonably expecting to get what they paid for.

“It is for Government like everyone else to cut their coat according to their cloth, if they can’t currently fund social care due to other expenditures then those other expenditures need to be reviewed to determine if there are still required.

“I’d suggest the foreign aid budget, HS2 and track and trace be the first for the chop.

“No one should be seeing their taxes increased while taxpayer’s money is being wasted on such items.”

A third said: “So what it amounts to is, he wants people who have worked all their lives, bought homes, saved money, paid tax and National Insurance, to pay for people who have been on benefits or just not bothered.

“I’ve worked all my life, anything I have left I want to go to whomsoever I choose, not someone who’s never bothered to look to their own future.”

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Another said: “So once again his idea is to fleece the pensioners who have worked all their lives, to take 10 percent off their estate.

“Surprise, surprise if you have never worked in your life living in council houses, getting it all for free, won’t have to give anything, because they don’t have anything.

“Shame on you Andy Burnham.”

Mr Burnham defended his plan during an interview with Simon Jack on the BBC’s Today Programme.


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Under his plan, pensioners would be asked to contribute 10 percent of their estate after they die.

His plan was developed during his time as Health Secretary under Gordon Brown.

In defence of his previous proposal, he claimed this would protect 90 percent of what an OAP has worked for.

He said: “He said: “The older generation today never paid for social care through their taxes.

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“That is why we have a problem.”

Mr Burnham then added: “That 10 percent is a better deal than paying up to £80,000 which is what the Government might announce today.

“For the vast majority of people, they would get a piece of mind over a much lower cost.

“It is just frustrating to me that the way the Westerner’s system has never had the courage to confront this issue.

“We are in this position because of political cowardice from a generation of politicians on all sides.

“It really pains me and I appreciate the Government is trying to do something but we are being presented today with a flawed and unfair policy.”

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