‘We want Queen Kate and King William!’ Cambridges would ‘breathe new life’ into monarchy

Broody Kate Middleton ‘wears the trousers’ says Camilla Tominey

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In a poll that ran from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday, February 23, asked: “Should the monarchy skip Charles and Camilla and go straight for King William and Queen Kate?” A total of 2,362 people voted, and dozens left comments below the poll, sharing their thoughts on the future of Britain’s monarchy. 

Overall, the majority of voters said “yes”, Kate and William should be the next ones on the throne, with 1,658 (70 percent) of voters picking this option.

A further 687 (29 percent) voted “no”, while 17 people (one percent) said they didn’t know. 

In the comments left in the discussion below the poll, it is clear that readers feel William and Kate would do more for the reputation of the monarchy. 

However, plenty more felt it best for them to spend time with their young family before taking such a big step up. 

Username Beehive wrote: “If Charles really cares about the Monarchy, he will…let William and Kate take over, perhaps with his help to start?”

And username Jackiejane said: “William and Catherine would breathe new life into the Royal Family, a younger outlook.”

Others supported the move, but only if it was by mutual decision. 

Username WBP wrote: “If this is something The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William want, then it would be okay.

“[However] If this is done by force, the Monarchy will lose respect in the long run.”

On the ‘no’ side of the debate, readers said it was better to stick with the status quo to maintain harmony in the family. 

Username Caliban said: “No, because it will cause bad feeling between William and Charles and the family…have to stick together and support each other.”

Caliban added: “William and Catherine need as much time with their young family that they can have so that they can bring them up…

“Only then will William and Catherine be free to devote all of their time to royal duties. I think that is what they would prefer anyway.”

Username Myview2day agreed: “Everyone will vote ‘yes’ for the younger more glamorous couple.

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“But…the weight of the Monarchy would fall on this couple whose children are only eight, six and three years old…

“Kate has made it quite clear that her children are her priority. We now know how important those early years are, not at least because this is an area of work Kate has championed and why she is in Denmark today.”

And others thought it only fair for Charles to get his day on the throne. 

Username sayitloud said: “Charles has been groomed to be King since 1952 so he should. 

“Why should it go to William before Charles? As long as Charles is fit enough to cope then he should….Wills will get his chance in due course.“

Indeed, the Queen is likely to agree — Her Majesty used her Platinum Jubilee, marking the 70th anniversary of her reign, to express her wish for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 74, to be known as Queen Consort when Charles becomes King. 

‘Queen Consort’ refers to the spouse of a ruling king and would mean ‘Queen Camilla’ is the Duchess’ future title.

In her official statement, the Queen said: “When, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes King, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have given me. 

“And it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.”

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