‘We’d love to chat!’ Couple help fight elderly isolation loneliness in heartwarming way

Maureen and Brendan, 77 and 79, have come up with an amazing idea to help strangers through self-isolation

The couple have put a chair outside their home in Harrow, London.

People who feel lonely can sit on a chair and talk to them from a safe distance.

They say coronavirus is a highly contagious disease, but isolation can be very difficult for many.

Their idea came after self-isolation measure sin the UK have been strongly enforced.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that people “must stay home.”

The country is effectively in lockdown for three weeks to try and stem the spread of coronavirus.

All non-essential work and travel has been prohibited, with many of the nations workforce staying at home.


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The chair, posted on Ladbible’s instagram on Wednesday, has a sign on the back inviting passers-by to stop for a moment.

It reads: “Isolation is lonely. Don’t walk by, we’d love to chat as much as you

“So knock on the door, take a pew and we will open the kitchen window!”

It’s been dubbed by the couple as the “Stop and Chat Chair.”

 Many on social media are sceptical of the idea however, and fear for the safety of the couple.

One account wrote: ”Nice idea but unfortunately not sensible given the situation. 

“How many have sat in the chair? Just need one to be a carrier and pass it on.”

The disease can live on surfaces for up to 12 hours, and is highly infectious.

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Others were more supportive, with some praising the sentiment of the idea

Another account wrote: “It’s so lovely to see a sense of community and love being spread instead of hate and fear! Love this!!”

The infection virus has led to strict government control on social gatherings.

The Government has also made clear guidelines for the most vulnerable in society.

All people over the age of 70 or with existing health conditions that would make them vulnerable to the virus must self-isolate at home for at least 12 weeks.

It’s in place to “shield” vulnerable people from infection and to minimise deaths and cases.

Currently the UK has 9,529 cases of coronavirus as of Wednesday morning.

463 of those infected have passed away from the virus.

Symptoms include a high fever and dry persistent cough.

People experiencing these symptoms must call 111 to seek further advice.

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