Welsh Labour faces huge backlash as Covid pass approved ‘Absolutely unacceptable’

Welsh Labour slammed for ‘unacceptable’ Covid pass decision

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Speaking to GB News from the demonstration, protestor Gari Jones said: “I feel that the COVID ID health passport scheme does not support any kind of benefit into stopping COVID or spreading COVID.

“It’s literally controlling people’s movements.

“If the whole idea of the COVID ID passport or the health passport is to limit the numbers and help protect people, what he’s basically saying that alone is counterproductive to everything that we’ve been told.

“And I have not seen any scientific evidence that the health passport alone even on that limits the spread of COVID-19.”

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He went on: “The reason I also am here is because I feel that once we get the expansion on say cinemas and theatres and wherever, it’s going to be pubs, clubs, restaurants and then shops, supermarkets, you know. 

“Either get a job or get a vaccine or you can’t go into these places. 

“These vital services, you know, like supermarkets and food centres and things like that. 

“And if it’s not based on any scientific evidence what are you doing? It’s forcing obligation, it’s coercion.”

Another protestor, Alan D Miller, told GB news: “I’ve come to the protest today to make my voice is heard, to actually have solidarity with people in Wales to say it’s absolutely unacceptable that there should be any vaccine passports.

“The last vote at the Senate should not have gone through. It was a draw 28 to 28 and went through on a technical hitch.

“Now we’re faced with them being extended to different venues across Wales.

“It’s absolutely unnecessary. There are illogical there’s no health benefits. They’re unscientific.”

He went on: “But the main thing is, we should never have to show our most intimate health details when we’re going out.

“We never agreed to do a deal to participate in exchanging our freedoms to re-enter society. There’s absolutely no reason for them.

“So I’m here today to join the solidarity of people in Cardiff and across Wales, and the whole United Kingdom. 

“All eyes are on what’s happening in the Senate right now. We know that the world is having a look at us. 

“We’re at a moment here where what was once 15 million jabs of freedom has now become a situation where we’re talking about needing health digital health IDs to participate in normal society.”

Currently, visitors to nightclubs and large events have to show they are fully vaccinated, have tested negative for Covid or have recently had the virus to enter.

From Monday, it will be extended to cinemas, theatres and concert halls.

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