‘We’re caving in!’ NHS nurse breaks down in tears over dire state of UK hospitals

Jeremy Vine: Nurse says 'we are caving in' in emotional call

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Trying to hold back tears, Nicola discussed how NHS staff were doing a great job despite being overwhelmed. The Cheshire nurse explained how the health services were beginning to cave in under all the pressure. Other British nurses and patients have been complaining and saying the current system backlog is due to the pandemic which began over two years ago.

The UK Government have been urged to do more to sort out the elongated wait times and shortness of appointments along with the lack of NHS staff.

Nicola Jeremy Vine on 5: “I think people view doctors… It’s very difficult, people in surgery are calling up they’re asking for an appointment.

“And the people in the surgeries are doing a really sterling job, as everyone in the NHS.

“I don’t work for the NHS I work indirectly, I work in a discharge unit.

“We are caving in, it’s horrendous out there, we want to care for people, and people are not getting the care they need, I’m sorry.”

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Health Secretary Sajid Javid reacted to a viral video of a nurse explaining to over 90 people in an NHS waiting room that they could expect to be waiting at least 7.5 hours or more to be seen by a medical professional.

Mr Javid told BBC Breakfast: “Well I mean first of all I’d say that, of course, that’s not anything that anyone wants to see and I can obviously see them as I’m talking to you down the line, but whether it’s her or anyone else working in the NHS, I want to thank them for all that they’re doing.

“The incredible pressures that they’re facing, for A&E unfortunately, because of the impact of Covid when we know already from our NHS estimates that we think some 11m to 13m people stayed away from the NHS because of the pandemic, many of those people are coming forward.

“Many of those to A&E, and we’re seeing very high levels of demand.”

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Despite many experts agreeing with Mr Javid, that the NHS wait times are a backlog from Covid which the system still hasn’t resolved.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson received criticism for his lack of action when it comes to tackling the current backlogged NHS system during PMQs this week.

Labour MP Kim Leadbeater said: “Despite the Prime Minister’s promises of new hospitals and more doctors and nurses, the Brontë birth centre at my local hospital in Batley and Spen is temporarily shut and is at risk of permanent closure due to staff shortages and lack of resources.

“The reality on the ground is that after 12 years of Conservative mismanagement, the NHS is broken.

“Can the Prime Minister explain to expectant parents in my constituency why, despite his promises, they are now forced to travel miles to give birth, and why his Government voted against the effective long-term workforce plan for the NHS proposed by his right honourable friend the Member for South West Surrey (Jeremy Hunt)?”

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