‘What part of Brexit don’t they get?’ France’s plot to sue UK over fishing row blasted

Brexit has had worse impact on UK than Covid says Beaune

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The reaction comes after Emmanuel Macron’s Europe Minister, Clement Beaune, launched another furious attack against the UK as France prepares to launch legal action against Britain. He revealed there will be a high-profile meeting with European Union representatives on January 4, warning litigation at a special tribunal put in place by the Brexit accords will start in “the very first days of January”.

Mr Beaune told France 2 television: “The strategy of seeking the division of Europeans has never worked.

“We are going to initiate a European dispute, which is a legal procedure that can lead to retaliatory measures.”

The British Government has said it issued licences for 98 percent of French applications and to all those who wanted access to the 12 to 200 nautical mile off the coast.

Under the Brexit trade deal, EU fishing boats can carry on fishing in British waters if they obtain a licence, but they need to prove that they fished there before.

France has said the UK should grant more licences. reader Michael Taylor fumed: “What part of Brexit doesn’t [Beaune] get? We are no longer in the EU, the Common Fisheries Policicy (the one that allowed you to determine how many of our fish you stole) is no longer applicable.

“We made a new agreement with the EU (your bosses) and agreed the criteria for handing out licences.

“If your fishermen can’t meet those criteria, they don’t get licences”.

Another reader SanjayP mocked France’s latest move, commenting: “The French tantrum started with the subs and AUKUS and continues with the fishing [licences].

“Surely a world record has been set”.


On Mr Beaune, smiffyuk(2) added: “He really throws his toys out of the pram”.

Liberated Uk demanded: “Tell the French because of Beaune and Mini Macrons the UK suspends all French fishing then see how the French react”.

Jack62 pleaded: “Where are the good news stories about the brexit benefits? All this sad news is quite depressing”.

To which STANB replied: “The overwhelming good news is we are free from EU serfdom”.

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But Jack62 shot back: “Brexit is not done, we have no control of our borders, haven’t started customs checks and the [Northern Ireland Protocol] issue is still unresolved”.

mintyfrompolo, commenting on the French president, said: “We’ve not heard much from the other 26 countries in the [EU] about this, because they’re not interested”.

Fellow reader PGD claimed Prime Minister Boris Johnson “gave away” fish in UK waters “for nothing”, commenting that access to sovereign fishing grounds was a concession agreed to by the PM.

They wrote: “This problem was created by Boris and him alone”.

And Maltyloofa joked: “I’ve been drinking French wine for 30yrs. If I can prove it, do I get half their vineyards?”.

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