‘Where does Ulez tax go?’ Khan under fire as he warns TfL on brink over lack of money

Sadiq Khan expresses concern for lack of TFL funding

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Sadiq Khan hit out at the Government for allegedly failing to properly support Transport for London (TfL) as he warned locals could lose their transport system because of a lack of funding. But LBC listeners hit out at the Mayor of London for his comments, as they questioned his blaming Westminster and urged him to use money collected through the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge. Mr Khan told broadcaster Shelagh Fogarty: “Unfortunately, the budget is…there’s no real substantial talks happening. 

“My concern is we only have five days left until the short-term deal we have runs out.

“The reason I am becoming increasingly concerned is only that what that could lead to is having to go into a managed decline scenario which could lead to cuts in Tube services of almost 10 percent, cuts in bus services of almost 20 percent.

“That’s 100 routes cut.”

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But his comments were met with the fury of LBC listeners who took to social media to blast the Mayor of London.

User @marccit1962 said: “So where does all the taxation from ULEZ and Congestion Charge go?

“Clearly not to improve roads, so use that to fund TFL.”

Twitter user @BritishAlba said: “The London mayor constantly blames the UK Govt for not funding TFL.

Sadiq Khan reacts to Piers Corbyn’s actions on London tube

“The UK Govt should strip the mayor of London of control over TFL and take charge of the situation itself.

“The mayor cant expect the UK Govt to keep bailing him out.”

@MikeAubury commented: “London gets more than double the amount per capita subsidy for public transport than anywhere else in the country…”

And user @Andy11760353 said: “Khan really is made in the image of old-style Labour.

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“Spend, Spend, and then someone else’s problem to fill the funding gaps create by bad financial management and under-costed promises.”

A TfL report released in November said the organisation’s “Managed Decline” plan set up to respond to the coronavirus crisis affecting passenger revenue will not be enough.

The Government has been urged for more long-term funding as additional services cuts might need to go ahead to bridge the gap.

The report states: “Dropping to Managed Decline levels of capital investment alone does not resolve the funding gap.

“We will also have to reduce service levels across our network, reduce borough funding, implement asset financing options, and negotiate the rephasing of repayments of the Crossrail £750m loan from the Department for Transport.”

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