Will Young handcuffs himself to barbaric puppy facility where Beagles are bred for testing

Will Young joins 'Camp Beagle' protest at MBR Acres

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The singer attached himself to gates outside MBR Acres in Huntingdon on Tuesday, alongside protesters from ‘Camp Beagle’ who demand the release of beagle puppies being reared for cruel animal testing.

In a video outside the breeding facility, the Leave Right Now singer told the Cambridgeshire LIVE news website that he had travelled up from London to handcuff himself to the gates in protest at the facility’s practices.

He said: “I am here at Camp Beagle, I have driven up from London, a two-hour drive.

“I have rescue dogs and as a dog owner and an animal lover I couldn’t watch what was going on at this puppy breeding facility.”

Mr Young noted how the grim facility breeds up to an astonishing “two thousand puppy beagles a year”.

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He explained how these beagles are tragically “sent to their inevitable torture and death” after being subjected to long periods of testing.

The singer added: “I just think that people don’t know this goes on in this country.

“I don’t believe that people are heartless or ignorant of what is going on, they just don’t know.”

The former chart-topper added he had decided to carry out his protest following “decades of peaceful direct action” which have made little change.

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Mr Young was also keen to highlight how his protest is entirely in aid of the ‘Camp Beagle’ as he stressed he does “not need the publicity”.

He said: “I get a lot of joy from my rescue dogs and the idea of them being trapped in there, bred, breeding constantly on a Ferris wheel of churning out puppies is repulsive.

“And the idea that these puppies get sent out to be tortured is repulsive.”

The handcuffed singer went on to claim how the reason beagles are chosen specifically is that they are the “most forgiving breed”.

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Mr Young concluded: “I just advocate for goodness and what should be done and what is right, and that is why I am here”.

Owned by US-based company Marshall BioResources, the Cambridgeshire facility has been under the spotlight in recent months following an undercover investigation by The Mirror newspaper which shone light on the barbaric goings-on.

The cruel practices of the operation have spurred actors Ricky Gervais and Peter Egan to step up to call for its closure.

Mr Young has since ended his protest. Passionate animal campaigner Ricky Gervais commented “Good man” following the singer’s efforts.

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