William says football ‘taught him about disappointment’

Prince William discusses men's mental health with Harry Kane

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The prince says playing and watching the game taught him that “disappointment is part of life and how you handle it is crucial”.

He opens up in a chat with England stars Harry Kane and Declan Rice in Copa90’s Game of Fives show.

The trio tell how football has helped them during a special YouYube episode focusing on mental health.

William, 40, said he loved playing at school, adding: “I was a defender, I was stuck at the back and told to just tackle.”

He said he was inspired by centre-back Rio, 44, but joked: “He was ahead of me just a little bit as time went on.”

He added: “When Wayne Rooney appeared on the scene, that was a big moment for me growing up. There was something powerful, really interesting, about how Wayne played and the steel he brought to the England team.”

The heir to the throne said he still played regular kickabouts with friends – and used to enjoy watching England in the pub.

He said: “It was the fact that I felt like I could go and have a natter to this guy in the corner who clearly had been there far too long in the pub and we’d have a great chat.” 

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