William’s ‘different side’ shows he is ‘more comfortable’ as Prince of Wales

Prince William is “more comfortable” in his role as Prince of Wales, claimed a body language expert.

Body language expert Darren Stanton has taken time to analyse the Prince and Princess of Wales’s recent appearance at Wimbledon.

The expert revealed William displayed an “emergence of greater confidence” as he and Princess Kate sat in the front row of the royal box.

The royal couple’s two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, also made a surprise appearance for the special day out.

Sporting a smart grey suit jacket , William looked every inch the future King as the family enjoyed some quality time at the annual tennis tournament.

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Speaking on behalf of Betfair Slots, the expert claimed that William has started to show a sense confidence in his abilities.

He added: “William can come across as quite serious in some of the pictures from Wimbledon, but that shows he’s taking his job seriously and wants to do everyone proud.

“He felt the pressure to set the perfect example. It means a great deal to him and always wants to do the best he can in public settings.”

Speaking of William’s typical body language traits, he added: “We’ve seen less of William reassuring himself by putting his hands in his pockets, which King Charles does a lot of the time when he’s feeling a bit nervous and not 100%.

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“We rarely see William do this anymore, and that shows he’s really found his feet and feels supported enough to feel strong and confident when in public – whether that’s with wife Kate or on his own.

“It shows he’s become more comfortable in believing in himself and his duty as Prince of Wales.”

Speaking of the couple, Mr Stanton suggested that Kate and William appear to be “in a good place”.

He explained: “Their body postures were straight, and they didn’t slouch, which showed us they felt confident in themselves and were genuinely in a good place.

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“Neither of them showed nervousness or a lack of confidence; it was all very authentic.

“Kate always displayed honesty and openness in her facial expressions. She never feels the need to pretend how she’s feeling.”

Notably missing from the visit was the couple’s youngest child, Prince Louis.

Likely deemed too young to attend, Kate did reveal on the visit that the five-year-old was “very upset” that he was missing out.

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