Woman called ‘mental’ for wanting to give unborn daughter a boy’s name

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A pregnant woman has faced a huge backlash for her chosen baby name, with some even dubbing her “mental”. As her due date approached, the expectant mother sought advice on the popular UK parenting website Mumsnet and explained she and her partner had previously only had girls, which led her to consider giving their unborn daughter a boy’s name.

She then revealed that the name she had in mind was inspired by Sister Michael, the humorous nun and headmistress from the teen sitcom Derry Girls.

Acknowledging the unconventional nature of her choice, the woman wondered if her hormones were causing her to have unusual preferences.

She said: “My partner has been set on Michael for a boy for this and our last pregnancy, however each time the baby has been a girl.

“I’m due shortly and we still don’t have a name.

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“I was watching Derry Girls which has Sister Michael in it and I’ve actually started thinking I really like it for a girl. Is this just my hormones making me go mental?”

One person replied: “Yes it is just your hormones and you would be mental to name your daughter Michael. Glad you’ve come to your senses!”

Another added: “Don’t do it. Would you want to be a woman called Michael?”

A third agreed: “Don’t do it! While it is a lovely name, it’s a nightmare being a girl with a boys name growing up.”

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Another Mumsnet poster said: “Only if you’re prepared to call your son Emily.”

Sharing a similar experience, another person said: “I really wouldn’t. My nickname growing up was Michael (long story) and it was so embarrassing when my dad called me that in front of my friends. 

“I can’t imagine how it would feel as your actual name’.

“Don’t set your kid up to be a weirdo’ said another.

Meanwhile, another Mumsnet user suggested alternative names for the baby, writing: “What’s wrong with Michaela? Or Michelle or Misha?”

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