Woman channels her inner-Hulk as she single-handedly pushes lorry up snowy hill

A woman showed off her near super-human strength as she pushed a lorry up the hill in blizzard conditions.

The unknown woman has been branded a ‘tank’ on social media after a video clip emerged of her single handedly helping to keep an HGV moving along icy roads.

She was seen pushing a Grahams milk truck in Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland, on Tuesday morning as Storm Darcy raged.

The video was posted on the Fife Jammer Facebook page with the caption: ‘Just your average Cowdenbeath woman pushing a lorry up a hill.’

It gained a lot of respect among readers. One man said: ‘That’s dedication! I gave up trying to push the wheelie bin to the end of the drive this morning.’

Another said: ‘Some ones had their ready brek’ while someone else commented: ‘Proof that milk is for strong bones and teeth.’

Others expressed concern for the woman’s safety, fearing that the lorry could easily have started rolling back down the hill and running her over.

It came as freezing cold weather engulfed Scotland, bringing some of the lowest temperatures ever recorded.

Last night, stations in areas of Scotland such as Kinbrace and Strathallan saw the mercury dip to minus 21.3C and minus 18.2C respectively.

Temperatures in Braemar in Aberdeenshire, fell to minus 23.0C overnight on Wednesday.

This is the lowest temperature recorded in the UK since December 30 1995.

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