Woman fumes after being ‘buffet-shamed’ for eating 10 plates of food at hotel

A TikToker has revealed the shocking moment a fellow holidaymaker commented on her “huge belly” after noticing her at the all-inclusive breakfast buffet.

Lauren Saddington was left “flabbergasted” at the interaction, explaining how she had been piling up her plate for breakfast while at an all-inclusive resort in Olu Deniz, Turkey.

Lauren – who was enjoying her holiday with her partner and his family – was approached by a random woman who wanted to find out whether or not she was pregnant.

Sharing the interaction on TikTok, Lauren said: “She was like, ‘I just wanted to say, I’ve been watching you for two weeks’.

“Which is weird enough… I thought she was going to say I recognise you off TikTok. But she says, ‘Ain’t your belly grown, it’s really big.'”

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I have no words it was SO awkward ������������������������

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Lauren said she had no idea how to handle the awkward interaction. The woman continued: “Well, I just thought you were really, really pretty the first week I saw you. And now, like, your belly’s huge. You must be pregnant.”

Taken aback, Lauren was lost for words before informing the stranger she was not pregnant.

She then told her that she was “just enjoying an all-inclusive with my family”, adding “I love food!”. But that wasn’t enough for the woman to get the hint that she wasn’t expecting.

“Then she went, ‘So you must be pregnant, aren’t you?’

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“And I went, ‘No I’m not pregnant.'”

The woman, who Lauren said was bigger than her, then gasped and said: “How can a woman of my size say that to you? I am mortified!”

“Well, do you know what?” Lauren continued. “I hope you are mortified.

“Because I would never even ask someone if they were pregnant if I saw a massive bump on their belly.

“Now, guys, I do look pregnant. I’ve eaten about 10 plates of food a day for two weeks. But you don’t say that to someone. And if you do, you say, ‘Are you pregnant?'”

Lauren was left in tears after the conversation – not because she was so upset by what the woman had said – but because she was “shocked and overwhelmed” by the conversation.

“Wow I genuinely cannot believe someone had the audacity to even say that!!!” one person commented on the video. “I think she must have been incredibly insecure and saw an in to tear another woman down,” another added.

“I’m so sorry, you’re beautiful with or without the bloat.” “Wow this is shocking!!” A third commented. “So sorry you had to deal with that that’s just horrific, your beautiful!! Take no notice.”

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