Woman horrified to find huge hissing snake in her toilet

A woman came home from her holiday to find an enormous, hissing snake in her toilet and it took handlers two days to remove it.

Horrified Michelle Lespron said she ‘slammed the lid back down right away’ after spotting the black and pink-coloured coachwhip snake.

Michelle – who lives in the Catalina Foothills area of Tucson, Arizona, US – had popped to the loo shortly after returning from a trip to Nashville.

She said she couldn’t wait to sleep in her own bed and use her own bathroom, but instead discovered the hissing intruder in her home.

Preferring not to catch the snake herself, she enlisted the help of experts, Rattlesnake Solutions

However, it took handler Nick three visits over two days to catch the elusive reptile.

A video shows him bursting into the bathroom and quickly grabbing the snake before it bares its fangs and hisses at the camera.

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She said: ‘He’s my hero, Nick at Rattlesnake Solutions is my absolute hero.’

Although coachwhips are non-venomous they can often aggressively when anyone tries to handle them.

However, according to Rattlesnake Solutions it’s unusual for the species slither their way into a toilet.

The firm’s owner Bryan Hughes coachwhips are very sneaky, which meant capturing the snake wasn’t completely straight forward.

He added: ‘A coachwhip – some people call it a red racer but this one isn’t red – is a fast, intelligent snake.

‘It eats rattlesnakes, it climbs trees, it climbs houses, it does what it wants.’

The company also joked that Michelle has ‘the most famous toilet since Elvis’.

Michelle said it took her a while before she was able to use the toilet again, even though she knew the snake had been removed.

She said: ‘I actually had all my toiletries from the trip I had been on, so I just moved everything to the other bathroom.

‘I kept flushing the toilet before I’d even decided to sit down, I always turn my light on even at night when I’m tired.

‘I always leave my toilet lid closed and my father puts screens on the top of any openings on my roof so snakes and other animals can’t worm their way through.”

One local resident commented: ‘That is an incredibly beautiful snake.

‘Of course, I’ve never heard of it, but wow it’s so exotic looking.’

Another remarked: ‘I always look before I sit.’

Meanwhile a Texas woman was attacked by a snake and a hawk at the same time after the bird- which eats snakes- dropped the serpent on her while flying overhead.

Peggy Jones, 64, was mowing her lawn when out of nowhere, a snake suddenly fell on top of her and wrapped itself around her arm.

She tried to shake the snake loose but it refused to let her go and began striking her in the face, with Peggy’s glasses being the only protection she had from a potentially fatal bite.

To make matters worse, a hawk then swooped down moments later and also began attacking her arm as it attempted to reclaim its lost prey.

Eventually the hawk – successful in its scavenge – ripped the snake from her arm and flew away, leaving her bloodied and covered in bruises and deep lacerations.

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