Woman ‘on the verge of divorcing husband’ after he gambles children’s savings

A woman has taken to social media to vent about her husband who lost their children’s saving after gambling in crypto currencies.

Posting on Mumsnet, she said that her husband used £14,500 of his children’s savings to invest in crypto mining, after telling her he was going to safely invest the money.

She said she has told him he will have to pay it all back but he has refused to do it from his wages as it will make him “poor”, and instead said that “other investments” will bring the money back.

Admitting that she suspected he had a gambling problem, she has now told him that all of their money will be split, they will pay in half each of the costs of maintaining their house and bills but after that the money will be split and they’ll have autonomy over their share.

To make matters worse, she updated the post saying that her youngest just witnessed her and her husband having a massive argument about it, prompting her to want to ask for a “divorce”.

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She said: “I am so angry, my husband has invested all our kid’s savings in crypto mining and lost the f***ing lot, £14,500. I’ve told him he personally needs to pay it all back, he thinks he’s just going to replace it from our other investments, telling me he’d be poor if he takes it from his monthly money. I’ve long suspected he has a borderline gambling issue.”

She then tried to tell him he would have to take out a personal loan, move the money to their children’s accounts and then pay the loan back monthly by himself.

She said: “I’m absolutely raging, when I said I don’t think it’s fair it comes from our other investments he tried to overbear me because I said it wasn’t an option. I’ve said his other options are to take a personal loan that he pays for or pays back every month but he’ll need to calculate the lost interest.

“I’ve also told him I want to split our money going forward so we split bills but then have our own money. I earn more than him, am I being unreasonable or just full of red mist?

“I’m on the verge of telling him I want a divorce. The youngest has just witnessed a huge argument between us and she’s in absolute tears. I’ve just left the house as I’m so angry at his lack of accountability for his mistake.”

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Her post was littered with comments in response to what her husband did, with most saying it’s absolutely unforgivable to go behind her back and gamble their children’s money.

One user said: “That’s unforgivable in my opinion. Is he willing to get help for his gambling issue?”

While another said: “You are absolutely not being unreasonable he clearly has a gambling habit because he’s just lost £14.5k! I’d divorce him.”

The furious mother then responded to the comments, adding more context to the situation.

She said: “I knew he was ‘investing’ their money he told me it was all in a secure wallet and if it went wrong he’d repay it. Now it’s at that stage it seems like he’s not actually prepared to take ownership of that mistake because he’ll be left with no monthly money.

“He didn’t invest any of his own money to see if it was legit. He’s trying to say it was a bad business investment. He’s definitely embarrassed but I’m annoyed he’s not taking personal responsibility for it.”

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