Woman’s parents won’t visit because she refuses to let their ‘smelly dog’ on carpet

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She felt “frustrated” when her mother told her she did not want the dog to be alone. Her mother then suggested she visit the family home instead.

The woman and her partner have recently moved into their first home together and due to them not having any children or pets they are ‘determined’ to keep the place clean, reports The Liverpool Echo.

Airing her frustration on Mumsnet’s ‘Am I Being Unreasonable’ thread, the woman said she “really needed to vent”.

In a lengthy post saying ‘Parents won’t come round without the dog’ she wrote: “Let me start this by saying I absolutely LOVE my parents’ dog – I was still at home when they got her, so I’m not completely detached from her!

“Anyway, I’ve just moved into my first home with my partner, we live about 45 minutes away now from both sets of parents (the only affordable place left in our county.)

“My parents came round to see the house when we first got it, about three weeks ago, and I’ve invited them round to see the progress of it this weekend.

“My mum said they want to come, but they’d like to bring the dog. I said they can bring her, but she’s not allowed on the carpet.

“I have a brand new home, with cream carpet. We have no pets or children, so it will stay clean, because I want it to.”

The woman said the dog is a “very hairy, smelly cocker spaniel”.

She added: “I’ve said the dog can come in the kitchen, but apparently that isn’t ok.

“Anyway – they don’t want to leave the dog for hours on end, which is completely fair enough.

“However, they would be gone for four/five hours MAX. Plus, my 30-year-old brother lives at home!

“I got frustrated with my mum and this is verbatim the text she sent: “I don’t want her to be alone. Minimum of 50 mins to you, and back so that leaves a couple of hours max at yours….simple, you come here [smiley face emoji”.

She went on to ask other users if she was “being unreasonable” and said she did not mind driving to them, but “it’s the principle”.

She added: “Am I going to spend my whole life only travelling to them because they have a dog? Really needed to vent because I’m so angry!”

But her post divided opinion with people clearly in one camp or the other.

One person replied: “YABU [You Are Being Unreasonable]. The dog is part of the family. Just ask them to wipe her paws before she comes in?

“I always just Hoover after my mum’s dogs leave and my cream carpet looks good as new.”

A second person said: “YABU to invite them but not the dog. I can’t see why anyone would put a cream carpet down – but then that’s not the point of your thread.

“You’re the one who moved away so it probably is up to you to travel back to theirs.”

A third wrote: “If you don’t mind the drive then I wouldn’t make a big issue out of it.

“They don’t want to leave their dog at home for hours, you don’t want the dog coming to your house.

“You’re invited to theirs instead and don’t mind the drive….just let it go.”

Others sympathised with the women who wrote the post.

One said: “It’s ridiculous she won’t just leave the dog, especially if your brother is home.

“Just say you’ll give it a miss and keep saying it. At some point, she’ll realise her daughter is more important than a dog. People get stupid with their dogs.”

A second said: “If you have a kitchen and a garden and can close the door to the cream carpet place, that should be completely acceptable.

“Other than that, there is no reason for the dog to be dirty or smelly – why does she not bathe and groom the dog?”

A third said: “I just had new carpet laid. No way would I have someone’s dog over. What would they do if you had a cat?”

And another person wrote: “Honestly leave them off, it’s a dog, not a 2-week-old infant. People treating dogs like babies is so b***** annoying!

“Your house and your rules! You are more than entitled to enjoy your cream carpet and not have someone else’s smelly dog ruining it”.

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