‘Wonderfully handy’ Queen’s Jubilee walking stick was ‘special gift’ from the British Army

Trooping the Colour: The Queen makes balcony appearance

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The specially made stick is said to be a “protective talisman”, and features an engraving in which the armed forces pledge their “loyal support to THE SOVEREIGN”. As she watched the Trooping the Colour and the Red Arrow flypast, the Queen could be seen holding the gift in her hands. The stick had been made using specially chosen materials and was designed according to the Queen’s own specifications.

The Queen was said to have “loved it”, especially “the detail about its design and parts”.

It had been presented to her by General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, chief of the general staff.

Meanwhile Cumbria-based traditional stick maker Dennis Wall had the honour of creating the gift.

He told the Telegraph her Majesty chose the stick from a selection of 10. Three of these were Mr Wall’s, two of which were first place winners from the Chatsworth show.

However, the Queen opted for one which had never won any shows.

She did, however, suggest a couple of alterations, including making the stick an inch shorter, and removing the standard common ferrule – the end that touches the ground – and replacing it with a horn ferrule like the top of the stick.

The Ministry of Defence said it was made of mottled hazel.

This wood, sourced in Cumbria, is thought to be a protective talism in English mythology.

In Ireland, the wood is traditionally known as the “Tree of Knowledge”.

The handle is made from Highland Cow horn.

This breed, originating in the Scottish Highlands, is said to be known for its hardy and robust constitution.

Meanwhile the collar was made from silver, and engraved by Sam James Engraving, based in Goldsmiths’ Centre in London.

The engraving reads: “’The Army presents its loyal support to THE SOVEREIGN.

“Platinum Jubilee MCMLII-MMXXII”.

The Army’s crest is also featured in the engraving.

General Sir Mark said: “It was a great privilege in celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee to hand over a small token of our gratitude and appreciation of our sovereign’s contribution to the Army over the last 70 years.

“We wanted something useful and relevant and always to hand that represented our loyal support and which Her Majesty might find helpful.

“And this beautiful walking stick, fashioned from mottled hazel with a Highland Cow horn handle, fitted the bill perfectly.

“It’s elegant, simple and wonderfully handy.”

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