Working on Suits went to ‘Meghan’s head and she thought she was too good for her family’

Meghan was “jaded” by working on Suits, the US TV legal drama which made her famous, Thomas Markle Jr believes. And this success in her acting career may have “gone to her head” and led her to think her family was “embarrassing”, the former window fitter added. 

Asked why does he think he and the rest of his family were not invited to Meghan and Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding, Mr Markle told “I think absolutely it comes down to… you know I am going to have to put it in a perspective like she’s probably just embarrassed of her family.

“I think Meghan found us embarrassing because working on Suits jaded her.

“It just changed her, when you are working on the studios you have a trailer, you have PA’s, personal assistants and runners that just do things for you constantly all day long. 

“And you get kind of used to that so… when she got the first season and the second season she was becoming popular on the show and I think it went to her head and she was just too good for anybody.  

“Too good for her own family.”

The Duchess of Sussex only invited to her wedding her mother, Doria Ragland, and father.

Meghan’s decision not to add to the guest list her stepmother, stepbrother and step sister sparked the outrage of Mr Markle Jr who, less than a month before the wedding, sent a blistering open letter to Prince Harry.

In his handwritten letter, Mr Markle urged Prince Harry not to carry on with his “fake fairytale wedding”.

He said: “Not to mention, to top it all off, she doesn’t invite her own family and instead invites complete strangers to the wedding. Who does that?

“You and the Royal Family should put an end to this fake fairytale wedding before it’s too late.”

In that same letter, dated April 26 2018, Mr Markle also branded his sister a “jaded, shallow concerted woman”.

A few days before the wedding took place, Mr Markle backtracked on his harsh words, saying they stemmed from a “moment of madness”.

He told the Daily Mirror: “It wasn’t designed to humiliate Meg into inviting me, but more hoping we could get the help we needed. 

“Ever since her relationship with Harry emerged two years ago, our lives have been changed forever.”

Meghan was due to walk down the aisle of the splendid St George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor by her father, Thomas Markle Snr.

However, the former lighting director had to pull out of the wedding just days before he was due to fly across the pond from his home in Mexico due to a heart-related problem.

As recalled by Prince Harry himself in the documentary Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70, the Duke of Sussex asked his father the Prince of Wales whether he could take the place of Mr Markle on their big day. 

Harry said: “I asked him to and I think he knew it was coming and he immediately said, ‘Yes, of course, I’ll do whatever Meghan needs and I’m here to support you.

“For him, that’s a fantastic opportunity to step up and be that support, and you know he’s our father so of course he’s gonna be there for us.”

On the day of the Royal Wedding, after Prince Charles reached the altar with Meghan, Prince Harry was spotted whispering to his father: “Thank you, Pa”.    

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