X-rated shrub turns heads on roundabout in Scarborough

An innocent mind will not comprehend why a small community in Yorkshire is kicking off about some hedges.

At, we had a good chuckle about this X-rated shrub, but it is not our fault.

It turns out this unfortunate phallus-shaped tree and shrub is also causing much amusement in Scarborough.

Planted on a roundabout, the arrangement features a small conifer in the middle, with two rounder and smaller shrubs either side.

Garage owner Jeff Parkins said: ‘This sums this council up perfectly. Before it was just a roundabout with not much on it.

‘What a c**k up. You would have thought someone would have realised while they were planting it.’

Student Dan Collins was among the many who had a good laugh about the rude roundabout.

He said his friends could not believe it when they first saw the display.

At first, passerby Elaine Bailey did not notice the resemblance until someone else pointed it, but then she bursted out laughing.

But not everyone saw the funny side of it. Some drivers branded it a traffic hazard, claiming it is blocking their view.

Margaret Johnson fumed: ‘This is already one of the worst roundabouts for seeing traffic with five roads coming onto it. Now there is no visibility at all’.

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