Yorkshire angers Nottingham residents claiming Robin Hood is actually from Sheffield

Robin Hood: Expert claims to have found oubliette location

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It claims the King of Outlaws was born in a cottage in ancient South Yorkshire woodland. Local teacher Dan Eaton stumbled across the alleged birthplace when he found an ancient stone marker with a cross carved in it while exploring behind the playground of Loxley Primary School, where he works. It was standing in the middle of the woodland, just steps away from a dense area of ancient holly bushes which reminded him of early depictions of the outlaw.

Ancient records have also come to light stating the outlaw, who was also known as Robin of Loxley, was born at Little Haggas Croft in Loxley village, now a suburb of Sheffield.

The experts have found a reference to Robin in a manuscript stating he was born in “Locksley” around 1160. There are now calls for a statue depicting Robin as a young boy to be built in the village.

But the current Sheriff of Nottingham Merlita Bryan said: “Robin Hood is as much from Sheffield as Jarvis Cocker is from Nottingham.

“We get it – Yorkshire wants a piece of the legendary action. We’ve had similar claims from Kent, Wales and elsewhere before, but really everyone knows that he was from Nottingham and that his arch rival wasn’t the Sheriff of Sheffield.

“But we’re always happy for others to help spread the word about the world’s favourite outlaw.”

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