You are NOT ‘champions of humanity’ Furious row erupts with Insulate Britain over protests

Insulate Britain's Liam Norton shut down by host over disruption

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GB News host Inaya Folarin Iman attacked the eco-protest group Insulate Britain and their protest methods. She argued the group were making life more difficult for ordinary people and overly imposing their perspective. Insulate Britain spokesperson Liam Norton sidestepped this point and demanded GB News talk about the dangers facing people due to climate change.

Ms Iman said: “Your perspective is one perspective on how to approach these issues and the nature and scale of the problem.

“Your perspective, too many people, is very extreme and a doomsday perspective.

“There are many other perspectives in terms of what the problem is and how to respond to it.

“Do not frame yourselves as champions for humanity when your entire organisation is dead set on disrupting the lives of ordinary people.

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“And also making life much more difficult, much more anti-democratic than it already is.”

Mr Norton then argued about the severity of the climate change issue.

He replied: “Why can’t you talk about genocide?

“Why can’t you talk about the millions of people that are going to suffer because of this climate change?

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“It is not about us, it is about the construction leadership council have called on Government for £525 billion pounds retrofit programme.

“That is the reality that we are in.

“We are looking at tens of thousands of our elderly dying and if we don’t get this climate crisis sorted we are looking at millions of people suffering.

“I would like you to do a few more reports on that.”

Liam Norton’s previous interview with GB News host Mercy Muroki was cut short as the pair engaged in a row. 

Ms Muroki demanded to know why the eco-group were still protesting despite the UK having many leading eco-initiatives.

Mr Norton dodged the questions and claimed that he was bored with the same questions.

The GB News host then chose to end the interview and retorted she was equally bored and wanted her questions answered.

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