‘You can’t talk about it’ BBC QT guest calls for open dialogue on transgender debate

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Professor and medical doctor Robert Winston has argued that people are unable to change their sex. While speaking on BBC’s Question Time on Thursday he argued that a person’s sex was connected to them in a variety of ways. He also argued that there was a need to have an open debate on the topic of transgenderism.

He claimed that he would likely receive hate mail after making his statements on Question Time.

Professor Winston said: “I will say this categorically, you cannot change your sex.

“Your sex is actually there in every single cell of your body.

“You have a chromosomal sex, you have genetic sex, hormonal sex, psychological, brain sex, they are all different.”

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The professor went on to comment on the difficulties of talking about these topics without facing a backlash.

He said: “Unfortunately you cannot say this publicly, this is one of the big problems.

“Even saying this on this programme will undoubtedly result in me getting a huge amount of hate mail.

“It always does.

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“Overall I think it is a very sad thing that we cannot discuss biological science without getting completely caught up emotionally in something that is completely wrong.”

This comes after Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said transgender people should not be able to self-identify.

Under current rules, transgender people are required to fulfil conditions to receive a Gender Recognition Certificate which legally changes their sex.

Its criteria stipulate that they make a declaration vowing that they will live permanently in their acquired gender.

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Ms Truss said: “I think we’ve taken the right approach with transgender people.

“We’ve made the process simpler and we’ve made the process kinder.

“I have full respect for transgender people, however it wouldn’t be right to have self-identification with no checks and balances in the system.”

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