Young girl dies in her father’s arms after suddenly falling ill

Mawi’s Andrew Klymenko discusses silent heart attacks

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A 20-year-old girl has tragically died after she collapsed in her father’s arms leaving her family heartbroken. Libbey Peverall died at her family’s home in West Drayton, Greater London last Monday.

According to the family members, she had no previous history of any medical episodes aside from her mental health.

Her sudden death has left the family in pieces.

Charlie, her brother, recalled the day when his sister felt a pain in the chest and later collapsed.

He said: “She woke up on Monday and my dad said ‘do you want a cup of coffee?’, she always had coffee in the morning and she said she’d rather have a cup of tea.

“So he made her a cup of tea and then all of a sudden she said: ‘I’ve got a pain in my chest’.

“She suffers from panic attacks, so my dad gave her a brown bag to blow in and basically, she just stood up and then collapsed in my dad’s arms.”

Charlie explained how his father tried his best to save Libbey but failed.

He continued: “My dad really did try his hardest to help her and he did CPR on her, everything. He tried so hard.

“Within about five or 10 minutes, ambulances turned up and they tried on her for about an hour and a half with my mum and dad going ‘Please don’t give up on her, please please don’t give up’.”

Charlie’s world was shattered after he received a call a short while later to say that Libbey was suffering a suspected heart attack and was no longer breathing.

He reportedly jumped in the car and had reached St Albans when his mother told him that she’d sadly passed away.

He recalled: “I screamed in the car, it hit me so hard.

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“We did everything together, we did football together, and just before Christmas we went to Winter Wonderland together.

“She was my only sibling and everyone says ‘I know how you feel’ but until it happens to someone, which I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, you don’t know how it feels.

“My mum is in bits, I am trying to stay strong for her and it feels like I haven’t properly grieved yet.

“ It just feels like she is on holiday and she is going to walk through the door soon.”

The family is struggling to come to terms with Libbey’s loss.

Charlie continued: “For the last two days it’s starting to feel like reality a bit.

“I am just trying to deny it in a way.”

The family is now awaiting the coroner’s report before they can begin to organise her funeral.

They are also raising money through a GoFundMe to help towards the costs of her funeral, nearly £3,000 donated till Wednesday afternoon.

Libbey aspirated to become a beautician. According to the family members, she had suffered severe bullying at her school which left her to be homeschooled from the age of 14.

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