Young man told father ‘just let me go dad’ after fatal overdose

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Mr Jones, from Cedar Wood Close in Astley, struggled with his mental health and was described as “beautiful, kind, and caring” by his family. In the early hours of the morning of July 15, Brett woke up his dad after taking tablets and told him: “I have done something silly”.

Bolton Coroners Court heard at the inquest on Monday how Brett was living with his father, Richard Jones, at Madams Wood Road in Worsley at the time of the incident.

Mr Jones phoned for an ambulance in an attempt to help his son, who was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital.

Given the Covid restrictions in place at the time, Mr Jones was not able to travel with Brett but was told when he phoned the hospital for an update to get there as soon as he could.

A&E nurse Lauren Gleeson gave evidence at the court and said that Brett arrived at the hospital at 7.39am where he had a number of seizures followed by cardiac arrest.

Despite the greatest efforts of the medical team, Brett died shortly after with his family around him.

As the event unfolded, Mr Jones told the court how his son simply said to him: “Just let me go dad”.

The court heard Brett’s battles with mental health after he was referred in October 2021 by his GP to Greater Manchester mental health team after being diagnosed as suffering from low mood, anxiety, and had an increasing number of suicidal thoughts.

Brett took medication for his mental health struggles on and off and had battled these issues since being a teenager.

Mr Sigi, the coroner, told the court that given Brett’s comments to his dad following the overdose: “It was not possible to determine his intentions at that time.”

He concluded that the death was drugs-related.

Toxicologist Julie Evans reported finding traces of cocaine and alcohol in Brett’s body, along with a mixture of prescription drugs.

In the eulogy which was read out at Brett’s funeral in August by his mother Theresa, she said: “Brett was rare by name and rare by nature.

“The most beautiful, kind, caring human being that we all had the privilege of not only knowing, but lucky enough to love as well.

“My biggest aim and ambition for Callum, Brett, Matthew, Tom and Louie was to bring them up in a home that surrounded them with as much happiness and as much love as was physically possible and I think Brett represented this and all I have ever wanted from all my sons.

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“He represented this every day in the way he treated others and lived his life surrounded by those he loved, always with the biggest smile on his face. Some people would need 10 pints to tell you how much they love you. Not Brett.”

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News about her son’s struggles with mental health, she said: “There isn’t enough help out there for people who are struggling. We are taking all the money raised to other places, so at least one individual can get the help that they need.”

A GoFundMe page was set up by friend Tom Cain and Brett’s family which raised £10,381 for mental health charity Mind and a number of other causes supporting mental health.

If you feel affected by any of the issues in this article, contact Samaritans on 116 123 or which is a free 24-hour, seven day a week service.

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