Young mum found dead hours after she called ex about a nightmare

PTSD: Common symptoms to look out for explained by expert

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A young mother was found dead in her home just hours after she phoned her ex-partner to say she had a nightmare, an inquest heard this week. Chloe McMahon called Jake Worswick in the early hours of October 24 last year and he reassured her that everything was okay and that she should get back to sleep.

But when Mr Worswick went to check on the 26-year-old at her home in Goose Green, Wigan, less than four hours later, he did not get any response when he knocked on the door.

He raised the alarm and Ms McMahon was found collapsed in the hallway of her property.

Paramedics were called but she could not be saved.

An inquest held at Bolton Coroner’s Court this week heard that Ms McMahon had a “traumatic” childhood and had taken overdoses as a teenager.

But her mother Lisa McMahon believed they were a “cry for help” rather than serious attempts to end her life.

Chloe was referred to mental health services twice and made progress, and the court heard there weren’t any more incidents of self-harm.

But the court heard she continued to have nightmares and suffered from anxiety, with both thought to be symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2022 a GP prescribed her antidepressants and tablets to help her sleep.

She was also advised to have therapy because it was suggested that her vivid dreams could be due to PTSD.

The coroner’s court heard that when she spoke to a mental health practitioner on October 13 she denied having any thoughts of killing herself. She was due to have another appointment on October 18 but she did not go to it.

Wigan Today reports that the court also heard that Ms McMahon had had a long-standing medical issue but this was eventually resolved. She was also upset after the death of her aunt in August.

Her mother told the court that one day during the summer her daughter phoned her at around 2.30am, when she was having a panic attack.

When she went to her daughter’s house to check on her, she saw what she believed was a method of attempting suicide, but her daughter told her she would not have used it.

She said she last spoke to her daughter on a video call on the evening of October 23, when she was at a neighbour’s house having dinner, and she seemed to be fine.

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Ms McMahon returned to her home at around 11pm that night.

Assistant coroner Stephen Teasdale recorded a narrative verdict, saying he could not be sure she intended to end her life, particularly due to the suspected PTSD.

He said: “I think it is quite difficult to determine what her specific intention was at that particular time, given her background.”

Mr Teasdale said she died by hanging but her intentions were unclear.

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