‘You’re a dumba**’ Ferrari bans ‘dopey’ caller as he erupts in heated Russia invasion row

Nick Ferrari fumes at 'dopey' caller in clash on Russia

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Nick Ferrari banned caller Dave from listening to his show after he tried to defend the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mr Ferrari branded the caller “a dumba**” and added “you’re the dopiest caller of May” as the radion presenter insisted “you don’t know what you’re talking about”.

Dave from Southwark said: “I find a bit hypocritical [the fact that] the Ukrainian government is not trying to prosecute all the Nazis in the country.”

Mr Ferrari immediately pointed out: “Here we go, I sense you are on the Russian side of this war”

The caller responded: “I am not on the Russian side.

“I’m just trying to be a Devil’s advocate.”

Nick Ferrari said: “No, you’re not a Devil’s advocate.

“You’re playing the complete dumba**.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.

“I think you go down as the most misinformed caller of May.

“You are Dave the dope.

“The dopiest caller of May.

Dave took the floor: “How comes everybody is so quick to believe all the lies.

“They lied about Afghanistan, they lied about Iraq and Syria and Libya.

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Mr Ferrari stopped the caller and said: “Have you seen the video of Russian soldiers shooting people in the back?

“Have you seen the video of hospitals and cars and buildings being shelled?”

“Can I have a word?”, the caller asked.

Mr Ferrari concluded: “I won’t make sense dopey Dave”.

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