Zara and Mike Tindall launch bid to kickstart sport after coronavirus lockdown

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Zara and Mike have signed a joint deal with VST Enterprises (VSTE) to become global sporting ambassadors of the British cyber security technology company. This Manchester-based company has created the VCode and VPlatform technologies, which have already found a number of applications in rugby, golf, football and horse racing. 

But the company has also developed a digital health passport that it is hoping will be used as part of Project Restart, the initiative launched to get all sports back to professional competition in the UK and globally.

Mike, a former rugby world cup champion, has praised the company’s V-Health Passport as a “great idea” to bring back professional sports as soon as possible.

He said: “I am delighted to be joining VST Enterprises as a global sports ambassador and to represent this groundbreaking cyber security technology developed by Louis-James and his team. 

“The potential applications of VCode across so many UK sports are immense.

“I was also impressed to learn of how the VCode technology can be used across so many applications across all sports from ticketing and merchandise to brand experiences and content delivery.

“The work that VSTE are doing with health passports to help get UK sports teams back into professional competition is also a great idea.   

“I think everyone from across the sporting world would be delighted if this technology could help get sports teams back to their respective competition leagues and complete their seasons.”

Similarly, Zara, a skilled equestrian who won a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics, hailed the use of the technology developed by VTSE in sports.

She said: “I think the potential of this technology is really interesting and has so many uses across the horse racing and equestrian worlds from horse passports and bloodstock sales to tickets for the horse racing season.

“We have the opportunity with VCode to help make many aspects of our industry more efficient and this groundbreaking cyber technology could really have a positive impact.

“I look forward to working with the team on its introduction and where we can really make a difference.”

News of the V-Health Passport comes after Home Secretary Priti Patel announced every person crossing the British borders after June 8 will need to self-isolate for 14 days to make sure it isn’t bringing inside the country COVID-19.

This protective measure could become an obstacle for sportspeople and athletes entering the country to compete in European and International sports events. 

The health passport, however, could allow all professional athletes who test negative for COVID-19 to swiftly go through the borders without needing to quarantine.

The technology and use of a V-Health Passport have been already backed by Richard Caborn, who has been sports minister between 2001 and 2007.

The collaboration between the Tindalls and VSTE has been hailed by the company’s CEO Louis-James Davis.

He said: “We are honoured to have both Mike and Zara onboard to represent British cyber technology here at VST Enterprises to the sports world. 

“Together they are the perfect ambassadors to represent us at the highest levels in sport at a global level.

“Mike’s success as a world class rugby player, former England Captain, World Cup winner, and Zara’s winning attitude as a former World Champion and 2012 Olympic silver medalist represent the very best of British sportsmanship.

“They are the perfect ambassadors to represent VST Enterprises globally as we go through this exciting phase in our growth.”   

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