Zara and Mike ‘very different’ to Kate and Will when it comes to PDA

Zara and Mike Tindall confirm plans for March

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Zara and Mike Tindall’s “different dynamic” as a couple has been highlighted by a body language expert as he compared their relationship to Kate, Princess of Wales and Prince William’s. While the Tindalls will happily kiss and show affection in public, Kate and William keep their tactility under wraps while carrying out official duties.

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As senior working royals Kate and William have to maintain a certain formal appearance in public, whereas Zara and Mike are under less pressure.

However body language expert Darren Stanton claims that the Princess of Wales has a “more dominant personality over her husband” while the Tindalls are on a more equal level.

Speaking to Betfair Bingo Mr Stanton said: “They [Mike and Zara] have a slightly different dynamic compared to William and Kate, who has a more dominant personality over her husband.

“This is not in a negative sense, but Kate seems to have a greater degree of inner confidence. When we see Zara and Mike, they both equally match each other in terms of power within their relationship. I do not see one or the other taking control, because power is not an issue for them.”

He added: “It’s obvious the couple have a very strong relationship based on decades of knowing each other.

“Zara and Mike appear to have a childlike curiosity and humour with each other, which means that they are not adverse to having a laugh and enjoying a joke.

“They are certainly not the type of people to be stern and distant. They are very much comfortable in their own skin.”

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Zara and Mike have this week been enjoying the Cheltenham Festival together, which runs from March 14-17.

Mr Stanton believes the Tindalls, who married in 2011, will be together for the rest of their lives as they “hold a great amount of attraction, affection and love towards each other”.

He continued: “The things that we look for when we’re looking for a deep connection is eye contact.

“Even though the couple may have engaged with other groups or people at the event, they still very much had their own internal signal system, which is like most couples that have been together for some time.

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“Zara and Mike are extremely tactile with each other, which includes a lot of hand holding and eye gazing.

“The pair still clearly hold a great amount of attraction, affection and love towards each other, which indicates to me that their marriage is clearly based on trust.

“From my analysis of the couple, it’s no doubt Zara and Mike will be together for the rest of their lives.”

The Tindalls tied the knot in July 2011, the same year as Kate and William, and now have three children Mia, Lena and Lucas.

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