Embattled Boeing quietly unveils world’s longest passenger jet

This week, Boeing quietly unveiled its new 777X aircraft — set to be the longest passenger jet in the world.

The record-breaking plane’s debut was supposed to be a more extravagant affair open to the public, but the manufacturer limited the event to employees only following the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash involving a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, reported Travel and Leisure. On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered all Boeing 737 Max planes used by U.S. carriers grounded until safety concerns are addressed.

Boeing has secured more than 300 orders for its new 777X aircraft from international airlines such as Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways.

The plane measures 252 feet from nose to tail. It will be powered by the world’s largest aircraft engines, made by GE, which span 11 feet in diameter.

Passengers on board will also notice a difference in the size of the cabin, which will be four inches wider than Boeing’s current models. The space will also look larger thanks to overhead storage bins shaped concavely, which will be easier for travelers to close.

Following test flights beginning this spring, the first 777X aircraft is estimated to be delivered to Emirates in 2020.

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