General Hospital spoilers: Alex is headed back to Port Charles to stir up trouble

There has been a lot of speculation that maybe Peter (Wes Ramsey) is actually Alex’s son. When it was revealed that Anna had a child with Faison (Anders Hove), many General Hospital viewers were up in arms because history was being rewritten. As Alex departs Port Charles, she makes a comment that sends Anna into a tailspin of doubt about her life.

Where did Alex come from?

Back in 1999, Alex Marick was introduced on All My Children. The backstory played out there, even bringing Anna over to Port Charles for a while. It was shocking to learn there were twin sisters, especially with their personalities being so vastly different.

In 2017, Alex pretended to be Anna on General Hospital. It wasn’t caught for a few weeks, but when it was revealed, viewers believed that may have been the last time anyone saw Alex. Now, she will be back in Port Charles to stir up more trouble before leaving town quickly.

Finola Hughes is set to begin double duty as Anna and Alex on General Hospital during the upcoming week.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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