Grayson Dolan Pranks Brother Ethan That They’re Getting Kicked Out of Their House

Grayson Dolan may have pulled off one of the best pranks on his twin Ethan!

In a new YouTube video, the 19-year-old hired an actor to pretend that he was their landlord and was kicking them out of their house in Los Angeles.

“The house that Ethan and I live in right now is not actually owned by us, it is owned by a lovely man named —-,” Grayson said while giving a background story. “He’s our landlord, he’s a good guy. We haven’t met him in person yet, but we’ve talked to him over the phone, just through calls and texts and stuff like that. So we don’t know what our landlord looks like. We just know he’s a cool dude.”

Check out the prank below!

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