'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Reveals the One and Only Time He Was Freaked the Hell Out (Exclusive)

… it was on a burn ward.

He’s talked to thousands of spirits.

But there was only one time Tyler Henry was ever really freaked out — and you will be too when you hear his story.

The "Hollywood Medium" revealed to TooFab the chilling story of the one spirit that almost made the world’s most famous ghost whisperer scream.

"There was actually one time… at a burn unit at a hospital, my mom was visiting a family friend," he recalled.

"I remember I went to the top floor, and when I got into the elevator I started having a panic attack. And I was walking down the hall — right as I passed where these two halls met, as I walked and stepped forward — there was this person…. they turned the corner and I ran right into them, and my chest hit their chest."

"But I realized when the corner was turned that there was not an actual person… it was like a part of a person. And I had physically ran into someone that wasn’t there," he said.

"I freaked out, got in the elevator and ran. That’s the only time I can think of where that’s happened."

Season 4 of "Hollywood Medium," which sees Tyler read such guests as Sofia Vergara, Rebel Wilson, Kenya Moore, Macklemore and even skeptic Steve-O, is currently airing on Thursday nights on E!

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