Jack Whitehall Won't Be Invited Back to the Palace After Prince Charles's Response to His Act

British comedian Jack Whitehall is no stranger to the royal family. He’s previously been seen joking around with Prince Harry, he’s presented the Royal Variety Performance, and he even went to the same school as Kate Middleton. But after his latest performance, he might not be friends with every member of the royal family.

Jack was invited to perform a comedy sketch at Prince Charles’s Christmas Party, an event the prince puts on for his staff every year (which both Jack and show host Jonathan Ross describes as “weird”), which traditionally includes an entertainment act. Jack recalled the first “weird” thing he spotted at the event: Charles and Camilla sat on thrones in the front row. He explained that this prevented him from his classic gag of asking front row audience members what they do for a living, because Charles is “the most famous unemployed man on the planet.” But it seems that the royals weren’t such a fan of Jack’s performance. He overheard Charles and Camilla giving him the review of “I think next year we’ll try a magician” as he walked off the stage. In Jack’s words: “there goes the knighthood.”

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