Megan & Liz Open Up About The Making of Their New EP ‘Muses’

Megan & Liz got us pretty excited when they announced they have a brand new EP on the way!

The sister duo opened up about the sound of their new music, and how they kept going back to make it just perfect.

“We’ve been working on #Muses for a year. This is the first time we’ve ever gone back and re-written, fixed, changed and re-produced to get everything just perfect. @bhaviorofficial really pushed us to take everything just a little bit further to make it that much better,” they wrote on Twitter.

“The new music is pop because that’s what we wanted it to be,” they continued. “It took us a long time to heal from the heartbreak pop music caused. Music had us so high and then so low, we lost our #muses. Then we were reminded of why we do this. Music is a part of us, in our souls.”

Megan & Liz also teased that we could be hearing a couple of songs ahead of the EP’s May 3rd release.

“I know May 3rd sounds like a long time, but you may or may not be getting… 2… songs before then. ?❤️,” they wrote.

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