Raquell Rose Pantilla: Who is Gabe Brown’s wife on Alaskan Bush People?

It was announced that 29-year-old Gabriel Starbuck Brown wed 22-year-old Raquell Rose on January 14 of this year in a private ceremony.

Fans who follow the show closely know that Gabe got hitched to Raquell in January. Brother Noah officiated and the two sealed the deal privately with family in attendance.

Gabe met Miss Raquell while he was in California, and the two became friends ahead of dating.

Acting as a tour guide last night, Gabe gave Raquell a tour of the new homestead, the 400+ acre property they now own in Washington state called the North Star Ranch for the series Alaskan Bush People.

Gabe and Raquell began as pen pals and on the episode, Gabe ramped up the relationship as she received the VIP Brown family tour of the Ranch.

Gabe has another sibling to thank in Rainy, his sister, who is best friends with Raquell and who introduced the two lovebirds.

Make sure to tune in as Gabe and Raquell’s romance and pending nuptials play out on Alaskan Bush People!

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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