Stanley Tucci and pal dine at West Village Italian eatery

Stanley Tucci put down his cookbook and opted to go out for Italian on Saturday night.

A spy tells Page Six that the author-chef dined at Morandi Restaurant in the West Village on Saturday night with a younger female friend.

“He wasn’t there with his wife [Felicity Blunt], but this was obviously a business dinner,” the insider dished. “They were very casual. She was in her 20s but they definitely were talking about work. No one was trying to hide anything, and he chatted with the table next to him for a bit.”

Before the 58-year-old “Hunger Games” actor sat for dinner, however, he poked fun at a patron for failing to open the outer door of the restaurant.

“He made a sarcastic joke about it,” the door victim told us. “Now I can say I was made fun of by Stanley Tucci.”

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