‘The Aftermath’ review: Keira Knightley can’t elevate bad romance

Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgård are stuck together in a big beautiful house. It’s snowing, and there’s a fire on. I wonder what’s going to happen.

Some hot people hooking up is fine, but the circumstances here make you cringe. Knightley plays Rachael, the wife of a British military officer, who, in the days after World War II, moves into the Hamburg home of a German architect, Stephen (Skarsgård). He relocates to the attic with his daughter.

The pair starts off prickly — she hates the Germans, he feels imposed upon by the occupying English — but things quickly heat up. And get weird.

Hitler comes up a lot. In one scene, Stephen and Rachael will be fighting about the führer, and then, minutes later, they’ll be furiously panting in the bedroom. The drama is a crude blend of history and pulpy romance, with maudlin performances from the two leads.

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