Two planes clip wings amid snowy conditions at Newark Airport

Two planes clipped wings Saturday morning at Newark Airport — leaving 242 passengers with delayed or re-booked travel plans, officials said.

Southwest Flight 6, headed for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, had just been de-iced at around 7:30 a.m. and began to taxi at Terminal A when its left winglet grazed the tail of Southwest Flight 3133 to Nashville, Tennessee, — which was also having ice removed, according to the airline and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Both planes were brought back to the gates, and no one was injured, the airline said.

The 140 passengers on Flight 6 will be placed on a new plane, set to depart about five hours behind schedule. Flight 3133 was canceled, and the 102 passengers were re-booked on other flights out of both Newark and LaGuardia.

“Well looks like my Florida vacation will be actually be at Newark Airport because my @Southwest plane just got hit by another plane on the tarmac,” Bryan Rogers tweeted.

Both planes are out-of-service for review, Southwest confirmed.

“There is no higher priority for us than safety and we thank our customers for their understanding as we apologize ahead of their delayed travel,” the airline said in a statement.

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