Will Jennifer Lopez bare all in new film ‘Hustlers?’

Jennifer Lopez has been dieting and pole-dancing to prepare to play a stripper in “Hustlers,” even though she will not be topless in the movie, sources say.

Lopez and co-star Constance Wu, of “Crazy Rich Asians,” play exotic Scores dancers who “get their revenge on wealthy, drunk and abusive clients by maxing out their credit cards after they’ve passed out,” according to IMdB.

But it seems a lot will be left to the imagination. “There are no topless scenes in the movie for Jennifer nor Constance,” an insider told me. “There are no plans for body doubles.”

Lopez has never appeared naked, not even in “The Boy Next Door,” in which she has a steamy sex scene with Ryan Guzman.

“Jennifer never went fully nude,” a source close to the actress told me. “They did it tastefully. The male character’s hands covered her breasts.”

Lopez, 49, has maintained her extraordinary figure, but she went on an extreme 10-day no-carb, no-sugar diet in January to prepare for “Hustlers,” which starts filming in two weeks.

The actress also had a pole installed in her home so she could practice pole-dancing. Her new fiancé Alex Rodriguez shot a short video of her on the pole and posted it last month.

“Alex supports Jennifer’s career and can’t wait to see her performance,” a source close to Rodriguez said. Maybe for A-Rod, the more covered-up she is the better.

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