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Cosmetic surgery fans in Iran face flogging

Iran could imprison and flog those who opt for “un-Islamic” plastic cosmetic surgery as part of a crackdown on people altering their appearance, a senior MP has said.

Hassan Norowzi, a spokesman for the Iranian parliament’s judicial committee, said surgeons offering procedures including “cats eyes” and “donkey ears” could also be stripped of their licences.

The bizarre trends are among a number of cosmetic procedures targeted in a new law drafted by the committee in the Majles, Iran’s parliament, said Mr Norowzi.

Iran has one of the world’s highest rates of rhinoplasty and an estimated 40,000 people – mostly women – go under the knife every year.

In recent years an increasing number of Iranian men have also sought cosmetic surgery, mostly to change their noses, remove stomach fat or reshape their eyebrows.

But the country has been rocked by a number of horror stories about surgeries gone wrong, including several involving teenagers.

The new regulation will require potential customers to seek permission from a judge before going under the knife.

“Otherwise they will be committing a criminal act and offence to the public and will be prosecuted. The fines will vary from 10 days to two months of imprisonment and/or 74 lashes,” Mr Norowzi added.

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