2 Greens say they’ll support Liberal throne speech in New Brunswick confidence vote

At least two of the three Green members of the New Brunswick legislature say they’ll vote in favour of the Liberal government’s throne speech Friday.

That leaves Liberal Premier Brian Gallant still needing two more opposition members to give their support in order for his government to survive the confidence vote.

Green member Megan Mitton says the throne speech contains many items that will be good for her riding, while Kevin Arseneault says the wounds left by the shale gas issue in Elsipogtog and Kent North under a Conservative government have still not healed.

Green leader David Coon expressed issues with both the Liberals and Tories, but his caucus can effect change in a minority government and did not say how he’ll be voting.

The governing Liberals won just 21 seats during the September election – one fewer than the Tories – while the Greens and Peoples’ Alliance each won three seats.

If the Liberals lose a confidence vote, it’s expected the lieutenant-governor would ask the Tories to try to form government.

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